Phichit was probably built by Phraya Khot Thabong in 1058. The community was named Sa Luang during the Sukhothai period(1238 – 1350) and was designated a Thai province during the reign of King Rama V (1868 -1910)
The province covers an area of 4,531.0 square kilometers and borders Phitsanulok to the north, Phetchabun to the east, Nakhon Saman to the south and Kamphaeng Phet to the west. Administratively, Phichi is divided into 8 Amphoes : Muang, Bang Mun Nak, Pho Prathap Chang Pho Thale, Sam Ngam, Taphan Hin, Tap Khlo and Wang Sai Phun. And it is 344 kilometers north of Bangkok.


Utthayan Mueang Kao Pichit
Location : Amphoe Mueang

Utthayan Mueang Kao PichitAbout 7 kilometres from town on the Phichit-Wang Chick road (no. 1068) is Utthayan Mueang Kao Phichit. The park features an ancient town dating back to more than 900 years. Most of the structures discovered were built during the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya periods. The old town is surrounded by city walls and moats. During the Sukhothai period it was called Muang Sa Luang situated on the original bank of the Nan River before the river changes its course, which was the reason the town itself was moved to the new bank in circa 1881 during the reign of king Rama V.

City Pillar Shrine: This shrine has been placed on the second floor of the two-storey building. The stature of “Phya Khottabang” or so-called “Pho Pu” is housed on the first floor. The building is surrounded by many trees. This provides a pleasant scene. In addition, there is a recreation pavilion.

Wat Mahathat: This monastery is located approximatedly 300 meters from Wat Nakhon Chum, also in the area of the old city presumed to have been constructed in Sukhothai period. Objects of art found from excavation made in this temple are potter and Buddha images.

Tham Chalawan: The cave has its origin from the literature “Krai Thong” Wrote by King Rama II. It is 1 meter wide 1.50 meters long and 4 meters deep. The local tale says that over 65 years ago. A Buddhist monk of Wat Nakhon Chum walked with a candle into the cave and did not reach the cave when the candle was burnt out. Therefore, nobody can tell how beautiful the ave inside is At present, the cave is lesser deep because it has been gradully destroyed by time. The statues of Krai Thong and Chalawan are installed at the cave entrance.


Bueng Si Fai
Location : Amphoe Mueang
This Bueng Si Fai is a large fresh-water lake to the south of town. It is a Fishery Department’s facility to breed fresh-water. Along the banks is a delightfully landscaped park suitable for rest and recreation. The scenery is at its most scenic in the early morning and late afternoon. On the other side of the park is an aquarium exhibiting species of native fish and local fishing equipment. An eye-catching sight is a gigantic, crocodile-shaped structure within which is a space which could be used for meetings.

Dong Charoen VineyardSuan Somdet Phrasri Nakarinthra Phichit It is the first park of its king in Thailand. In 1984, the Phichit Provincial Administration in cooperation with the Department of Non-formal Education established the park on the whole area of 170 rais. Within the park is a large pons called “Bung Si Fai” where a giant pavilion has been built for recreational purpose. The pavilion can be accessed by a linking bridge. Along the edge of the pond and the walkway around, it is decorated with big trees and flower plants. In addition, there is a grassy slopeused a stage for public entertainment on weekends.

Crocodile Eigure Phrasri Nakarinthra Phichit
It is a crocodile figure 38 meters long, 6 Meters wide and 5 meters high Its mouth is measured 4.5 meters long. This striking figure stands in front of Bung Si Fai. Within its huge body, there is a convention room with its capacity of 20 – 30 seats.

Fish Display Center
It is a star shape building located in the Bung Si Fai. Inside, there are showcases of more than 20 unknown fish species. At the central part of the building, there is space provided for seeing various fishes living in the pond and gatgerubg ti be fed by visitors. The center is open for the public during 10.00 am. – 6.00 pm. from Mondays to Fridays and 10.00 am. – 7.00 pm. on weekeds.

Khao Phanompha Gold Mining

Location : Amphoe Wang Sai Phun
It is located in Tambon Huay Khen, about 8 km from Amphoe Bang Mun Nak on Bang Mun-Kak Wang Ngui Road. Within its ancient temple registered by the Fine Arts Department, there is an original mural painting describing some parts of the well-known literature of “Ramakien” or “Ramayana epics”

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