Rayong is a province on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand with 100-kilometer-long coast. The city is a center of seafood and various kinds of fruits. With its richness of food and beautiful places, Rayong is one of must-see cities responding to various styles of visitors. For those who like historical tourism, they are recommended to pay homage to the Shrine of King Taksin the Great, see the 30-year Crudia chrysantha tree, visit a 10-meter-high pagoda on an island in Wat Samut Khongkha or Wat Pak Nam.

City Attractions :


Located in a national park, Ko Samet is a highly popular destination of Rayong. Blessed with lovely scenery and beaches, it is easily accessible. There is a considerable range of different accommodation facilities to choose from.

Ko Samet is 6.5 kilometres off Ban Phe and can be visited virtually the whole year round. Exception is during the Monsoon season mostly in May. It is recommended that you make sure of the weather before setting out.
From Ban Phe are ferry services throughout the day. The trip takes about half an hour. Fares range from 40 baht to Hat Sai Kaeo and 50 baht to Hat Wong Duen. Getting from one place to another on the island is popularly on foot. But there are also land or sea transports serving between beaches.
Some 6 kilometres off shore is Ko Kudi, which is to the east of Samet. To the northeast are white, sandy beaches and popular viewing points. Off its northern tip are several coral-rich small islets.
Suan Son , about 4 kilometres further from Ban Phe along the beach-front road, offers areas shaded by verdant pinetrees. The scenic beach is eminently suited for relaxation and swimming. Accommodations and food shops are also available.
Triangular-shaped, most of the land area is forested with beaches dotting intermittently on the north and east sides of the island. The south side tapers into the sea with small isles of rocky formation off-shore serving as habitat and egg-laying grounds for seagulls.

Laem Mae Phim can be reach either from Sukhumvit Road taking a right turn at Km.259.5, 263 or 268, or continuing for a little over 1 kilometre from Wang Kaew on the beach road. It is popular site for relaxation and swimming. Beach stalls serve food and snacks.

Wang Kaew is a recreational park and resort located some 11 kilometres further from Suan Son on the beach road. There are accommodation facilities and the well-landscaped park. Five kilometres further on from Laem Mae Phim on the beach road (Highway No. 3145) is..

The Sunthorn Phu Memorail commemorating one of Thailand’s top poets. The bard, native of Rayong by birth, produced his literary works during the early part of Rattanakosin Era some two hundred years ago, Phra Aphai Mani being his most well-known work.

Near the turning at Km. 265 on Highway No. 3 is Wat Saranat Thammaram built in 1945. It features a beautiful ubosot housing a replica of the highly revered Phra Phutthachinnarat statue of Phitsanulok. Around the ubosot are also replicas of major Buddhist monuments from Thailand’s four regions.

A small island some 5 kilometres off the shore of Laem Mae Phim is Ko Man Nai . It has been developed into a Sea Turtle Preservation Sanctuary under the royal initiative of Her Majesty the Queen, and open to the public from Monday-Sunday. Nearby are Ko Man Klang and Ko Man Nok with their beautiful beaches and resorts for relaxation.

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