• Is there an age limit?
    Officially there is no age limit – attitude and enthusiasm goes a long way, so please get in touch on our Apply page!
  • When can I start?
    We employ people for at least 1 whole 4 month semester, with intakes every May and November. Our teachers are of course encouraged to stay for longer too, and many choose to do so.
  • What is involved in the application process and interview?
    To be considered, please send us a full resume with a head shot photo, your degree certificate (if available) and a later a copy of your passport. We can then schedule an interview by Skype right away. For the interview, think about what interests you about Thailand and how you see yourself being successful as an English teacher in a Thai school. Classes can be quite large, so fun learning goes a long way­­­­. If you have a passion, get ready to share it. It’s the perfect time to ask any questions about Thailand, teaching English in general and what TEFL skills you we think you should focus on. Be yourself!
  • What about my visa?
    Visas in Thailand can seem complicated. We’re on hand to guide you through the entire process. Some countries allow application for a Non-B before you travel, some don’t. If you arrive on a tourist visa, we will change it as soon as you arrive at your placement. Due to processing times, we advise that you apply for at least a 60-day tourist visa before you travel in such cases. Get in touch and we will give you advice specific to your application country.
  • What costs does Openbook cover?
    Initially, we ask that you cover the cost of your visa –  a Non-B (if possible) or Tourist Visa and flight to Thailand. This visa will need to be extended once (1900) in order to cover your entire stay (1-2 semesters) and once per year subsequently. There will be some extra minor costs such as a medical once you arrive (around 200 baht.) We will guide you through the entire process.
  • What about accommodation?
    We organise accommodation for all of our teachers, meaning you don’t have to worry. You will usually be placed in a decent but economical apartment close to your school – accessible by foot in most cases or a short stint on one of Thailand’s many forms of cheap and cheerful public transport. If you wish you are free to search for your own apartment or share.
  • What will my salary be? What is the cost of living in Thailand?
    Your salary depends on your location, school and experience. Expect to earn upwards of 30,000 baht per month – which is a very respectable salary given the national average. Life in Thailand can be very economical indeed. The average price of renting an apartment here is between 2-8,000 baht per month – from basic to larger more modern condos with access to a pool and gym. Food can be as little as 30 baht ($1 US) for a square meal, to 250 baht in Western style restaurants. Groceries, clothes and travel are very cheap, and it’s possible to save if you are prepared to eat local (and with this tasty food, you’d be mad not to try to!) We can give you a full breakdown of costs by email, so get in touch.
  • How should I dress at school?
    Smart dress is required at school – collared shirt, tie, dark trousers and smart shoes for men, collared shirt/blouse, long skirt and closed-toe shoes for women.
  • I have a friend or partner who want to teach at the same school as me – will that be possible?
    Absolutely! If there are positions available, we are more than happy to place teachers together. Sharing the experience teaching English in Thailand with friends or a partner is a great way to do things!

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